9 Best Gutter Cleaning Experts in Auckland

No need to be getting out the heavy-duty gloves to sort out your gutter and downspout, just call on the help of the 9 best gutter cleaning specialists in Auckland.


Cleaning your home’s gutter is very important. From tidying away leaves to making sure debris from the last rainstorm didn’t clog up anything it shouldn’t. Simply put; a clogged gutter can cause leaks and water damage to your roof which will be a pricey fix later on.

So, here at Visit Auckland, we’ve put together a list of the 9 best gutter cleaning specialists in Auckland. Don’t worry, we’ve only included the best of the best from real customer reviews, so there’s no need to get buggered from searching around.

Without further ado, let’s find out which specialist gutter cleaner Auckland can offer your crib a total wipeout:

  1. Eco Exterior Clean

Website:                     https://www.ecoexteriorhousewashing.co.nz/
Contact:                      +64 9-818 3012
Address:                      84 Warner Park Avenue, Laingholm, Auckland, 0604

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday – 8:00 – 17:00
Sunday – Closed

Best For:                     
House washing, gutter cleaning, power washing, roof treatment, pathways, fences.

Working smart to ensure the safety of everyone is Eco Exterior Clean. Run by experts who care, the team will always be on hand to provide efficient and safe service. They do this by ensuring risks are met while gutter cleaning and repairs are undertaken with safe products for you and your environment. With consistent 5-star reviews recommending their professional service, you know that Eco Exterior Clean are one of the best gutter cleaning specialists in Auckland.

  1. Sky HIGH

Website:                     https://www.skyhigh.nz/
Contact:                      +64 21 951 719
Address:                      PO Box 69, Clevedon, Auckland, 2248

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday – 8:00 – 17:00
Saturday & Sunday – Closed

Best For:                     
High reach gutter vacuuming, residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, urgent call outs, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, exterior soft washing.

Using specialised soft washing techniques, Sky HIGH will offer your home top-notch cleaning solutions for your clogged gutters. Whether its urgent, commercial, residential or anything, the team will be on hand to provide protected cleaning with any of your exteriors. Not only this, but the eco-conscious minds of the team mean that the water used is collected rainwater in their specialised tanks. Meaning you’ll have a lowered carbon footprint to your clean.

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  1. Gutter Geeks Ltd

Website:                     https://www.guttergeeks.co.nz/
Contact:                     +64 800 938 967
Address:                     10 Reynolds Place, Torbay, Auckland, 6030

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday – 9:00 – 17:00
Friday to Sunday – Closed

Best For:                     
Water-friendly service, gutter advice, zero-hassle, post-clean tidy, same day completion.

With 100% reviews across various sites, the Gutter Geeks have set high expectations for you and themselves. Luckily, by enlisting their caring and thorough gutter cleaning expertise, you can be sure that your gutter will be empty and pristine to protect against leaks or water damage. Not only this, but as a specialist gutter cleaner, Auckland has the finest on the job to provide you with key insight into why your gutter can clog and how to maintain it.

  1. Fern Roofing Solutions

Website:                     https://www.fernroofingsolutions.co.nz/
Contact:                     +64 21 124 6519
Address:                     21 Mcrae Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland, 1060

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday – 7:30 – 17:00
Sunday – Closed

Best For:                     
Roof repairs, gutter repair service, house washing, re-roofing, roof inspections, maintenance, roof painting, roof restorations, spouting repairs.

Based in East Auckland, this gutter cleaning and repairs specialists will cover every inch of Auckland with functional and comprehensive solutions. The team at Fern Roofing Solutions know that a clogged gutter can often come with other unwanted maintenance such as cracks, broken tiles and soaked concrete. That’s why the Fern Roofing Solutions family are one of the best gutter cleaning specialists in Auckland; they go one step further to maintain, repair and install your perfect roofing.

  1. Kleen 4 U Auckland

Website:                     https://www.kleen4u.co.nz/
Contact:                     +64 21 222 2225
Address:                     30 Brian Crescent, Stanmore Bay, Auckland, 0932

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday – 8:00 – 20:00

Best For:                     
Exterior house cleaning, driveways, power washing, decking, pain preparation, water blasting, window cleaning, heigh access cleaning, solar panel cleaning, moss treatment, black algae treatment, builder’s construction cleaning.

For a reliable service, Kleen 4 U gutter cleaner Auckland is a proven successor. Their repeat clientele and 5-star reviews paves the way for the family run property management service. From window cleaning to solar panel cleaning and from general power washing to the specialised gutter cleaning and repairs service, the Kleen 4 U team has got your best interest in mind.

  1. Continuous Spouting Auckland Ltd

Website:                     https://continuous.co.nz/
Contact:                     +64 800 501 993
Address:                     94 Takanini School Road, Takanini, Auckland, 2245

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday – 7:30 – 17:00
Saturday & Sunday – Closed

Best For:                     
Rainwater system installation, gutter cleaning, spouting, fascia, downpipes, protection, gutter finishing, snow solutions.

Sometimes, the best way to efficiently clean a gutter is to replace it entirely. And, the crew to do that for you would be the Continuous Spouting Auckland Ltd team. As one of the best gutter cleaning specialists in Auckland, you can expect your house to look like new with your spouting, fascia, downpipes and protection all rolled into one. Not only this, but the experts at Continuous Spouting Auckland Ltd will always make sure you’re left with care and maintenance instructions as well as a smile on your face.

  1. Ace Spouting, Fascia and Downpipes

Website:                     https://www.acespouting.co.nz/
Contact:                     +64 800 874 546
Address:                     119G Captain Springs Rd, Onehunga, Auckland, 1061

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday – Open 24 hours
Sunday – Closed

Best For:                     
Spouting, gutter cleaning, downpipes, external fascia systems replacement, fascia conversions, custom rainwater heads, colorsteel®, gutter foam, leaf guard products.

Ace Spouting, Fascia and Downpipes is a company best known for their excellent services to rainwater systems and care. With top-class maintenance services for your gutters, you can be sure to escape the worries of water damage and leaking through your roof. Not only is this one of the best gutter cleaner Auckland has to offer, they also repair and replace your guttering where necessary. From aluminium to PVC, the choice is yours.

  1. Under Pressure House Washing

Website:                     https://www.underpressure.co.nz/
Contact:                     +64 21 545 674
Address:                     Titirangi Road, Titirangi, Auckland, 0604

Opening Hours:     
Monday to Friday – 8:00 – 17:00
Saturday & Sunday – Closed    

Best For:                     
Power washing, gutter cleaning, commercial exteriors, building washing, roof treatments, water blasting.

Under Pressure House Washing brings along their power washing and water blasting tools to any job. From gutter cleaning and repairs to treating your roof against moss, lichen and mould. These experts in the gutter cleaning trade make them a sure choice for any quick maintenance or long-term cleaning services. The team at Under Pressure House Washing love their clients and this is shown in their gleaming reviews, much like their gleaming gutters.

  1. Gutter Foam Ltd

Website:                     https://www.gutterfoam.co.nz/
Contact:                     +64 800 488 234
Address:                     11D Akatea Road, Glendene, Auckland, 0632

Opening Hours:      
Monday to Friday – 7:00 – 17:00
Saturday & Sunday – Closed 

Best For:
Foam guttering, installation, gutter management, gutter protection, cleaning advice.

As experts in gutter maintenance, the pros here at Gutter Foam Ltd have gone one step further to become the best gutter cleaning specialists in Auckland. Not only do they provide you with the help and advice for keeping your gutter clean, you’ll also have your new gutter foam to cover your gutter and provide key lasting maintenance. Using the gutter foam technology will save you time, hassle and money in the long-run.

That concludes our list to the 9 best gutter cleaning specialists in Auckland. With each of the above specialists on the job, you can be sure that leaves and debris clogged in your pipes won’t become a bursting dam into your home down the line.  Let us know your thoughts!

Also, don’t forget to look at the View Auckland website for up to date news and tips on where you can find the best of the best from schools to dermatologists.

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