11 Best Fishing Spots

Catch Good Times at These One-of-a-Kind Fishing Locations

Catch Good Times at These One-of-a-Kind Fishing Locations

Auckland offers some of the best fishing anywhere in the world. Old or young, you can experience incredible catches at Auckland’s famed wharfs, bridges, and harbours. In this guide, we’ll go over eleven of the top spots anywhere in the city to catch blue cod, angler, bass, and many other types of fish. We’ll even include some family locations so that your children can enjoy fishing in safe environments rich with marine life!

From quiet fishing spots on the North Shore, to locations with excellent fishing charters in Auckland, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out where to fish during your stay in New Zealand’s most populous city!

11 Best Fishing Spots in Auckland 

There’s no better place to fish than Auckland, New Zealand. Check out these incredible locations below to see just what we mean.

1. Rangitoto Island

Nothing fishy here—Rangitoto Island is one of the top locations in Auckland for exciting fishing. Dotted with rocky reefs that are nearly bursting with marine life, this fish-rich location is separated by a natural channel from Auckland’s famed North Shore and can be reached by boat.

What can you catch at this scenic location? Rangitoto Island is known for its numerous and sizeable kingfish, as well as a healthy kahawai population that makes for diverse catches.

2. Cornwallis Wharf, Manukau Harbour

Need a spot with a little more traffic? Check out Cornwallis Wharf in Manukau Harbour. Cornwallis fishing classic wharf, which was rebuilt in the late 90s, is open 24/7 for out-of-this-world Cornwallis high tide and low tide fishing. Over the years, Cornwallis Wharf fishing has become one of the most popular fishing spots in Auckland due to its scenic views and marine diversity.

Cornwallis Wharf at Manukau Harbour is one of the top spots to catch kahawai and trevallies anywhere in the city! With high tide Cornwallis, it’s also accessible to fishermen of all ages if you’re looking for a bit of family fun.

3. Island Bay Wharf

Want to fish off the wharf? There are few better locations than Island Bay Wharf, a scenic location that’s perfect for fishermen (and women!) of all ages. Island Bay Wharf is located on the North Shore and offers fantastic no-boat options that are fun and cheap.

What can you expect to catch at Island Bay? Like other spots on this list, this North Shore location is fantastic for kahawai, but you can also catch crayfish if you’ve got the skill.

4. Auckland Harbour Bridge

Fish under the iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge on Curran Street. There’s a promenade here that’s perfect for quiet snapper, kahawai, and squid fishing. The spot is also a great location for families, with an incredible view of the Chelsea Sugar Refinery and Watchman Island across the way.

Auckland Harbour Bridge is a fantastic boating spot, as well, and even offers bungy jumping action for you and the kids. When taken together, all of this combines to make Auckland Harbour Bridge one of the best spots to fish in all of Auckland.

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5. Okahu Bay Wharf

It’s not hard to see why Okahu Bay Wharf is one of the top locations to fish in Auckland. This popular location allows direct fishing from the beautiful wharf for individuals and groups alike. The walkway spans approximately 150m over the ocean, giving ample room for fishermen to do their thing. Enjoy catching such fish as Australasian snapper at this scenic destination. Okahu Bay is one of the top Auckland fishing spots you can discover!

The wharf has a reputation for being kid-friendly due to its location near Kelly Talton’s SEA LIFE Aquarium. Still, gap fencing around the wharf means the location isn’t optimal for little kids. Consider visiting Okahu Bay Wharf with older kids and teens for optimal fun.

6. Panmure Wharf Reserve

Panmure Wharf Reserve is located next to the Tamaki Estuary and offers a variety of water-based activities, including fishing and boating. The location is peaceful and allows you to fish from both boats and the classic wharf. This combines to make Panmure Wharf Reserve one of the best fishing spots in Auckland.

What catches can you expect at this location? Australasian snapper and kahawai are both common, with other options available for persistent fishers.

7. Birkenhead Wharf

Prefer to fish from another wharf? Head on over to Birkenhead, one of the best places to catch snapper in Auckland. The wharf is kid-friendly and quiet, making it a great place for amateur and pro fisherman alike. Catch fish directly from the wharf—no boat necessary! You don’t need a fishing charter in Auckland with incredible wharf fishing like that offered at Birkenhead.  Go alone or with your family for an experience you won’t soon forget. One of the top Auckland fishing spots wharf you could possibly visit!

8. Shelly Beach Wharf, Kaipara Harbour

Ready for some stellar fishing at a timeless location? Shelly Beach Wharf offers ample fishing for a diverse array of marine life. The location is reminiscent of Auckland’s famed Old Mangere Bridge, which closed permanently in 2018 after over a century of operation. Like Old Mangere Bridge, Shelly Beach Wharf provides a chance to catch a variety of fish, from bronze whalers to kahawai and gurnard. One of the Best fishing spots Auckland has to offer!

Here’s a pro tip: come to the wharf in the four-hour window before and after high tide for fishing unlike anywhere else in Auckland.

9. Greenhithe Wharf

Greenhithe Wharf is a popular spot to fish for all ages. With both a wharf and a pontoon, it is one of the most loved fishing spots in all of Auckland. Like Old Mangere Bridge, Greenhithe Wharf has earned a reputation as a local favorite, with plentiful swimming options as well during the warm summer months. A great place for fishing spots in Auckland.

What can you expect to catch here? Greenhithe Wharf is a popular breed location for snappers, so be prepared to take a bunch home when you go.

10. Chelsea Sugar Refinery

The fishing is sweet at Chelsea Sugar Refinery, a popular location for families. The refinery offers a peaceful environment, with ample fishing opportunities on its rocky shores. The location rests on Auckland’s North Shore and comes complete with a wharf (which isn’t for private use). The best fishing here is done off the shore itself or from your boat, whichever you prefer.

An array of fish can be caught at Chelsea Sugar Refinery, including kahawai, piper, kingfish, and snapper. If you’re looking for a rich location to take your kids, we recommend this fine Auckland option.

11. Ponsonby Wharf

A top-ranked fishing location in Auckland, Ponsonby Wharf gives you a chance to catch a diverse range of fish. We recommend going at high tide, when you can catch piper, kingfish, and even eels. The wharf is located in the bustling Ponsonby neighborhood, where families can go for more than just fishing fun.

Love a beautiful view? The sunset at Ponsonby is one of the best in the Pacific. Head over by yourself or go with friends for a fishing experience like no other.

Final Thoughts

Fishing doesn’t get better than this! If you’re looking for some amazing catches, it’s time to head over to any one of the incredible spots on this list. Whether you’re looking for simple family fun or charter fishing, Auckland has it all. With 24/7 options available, you’ll never run out of time to fish in this one-of-a-kind New Zealand city! These are the best fishing spots in Auckland.

Not sure where to go first? Try out a multitude of options to find out which location is the best for you!

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