Best Fencing Contractors in Auckland


If your current fence is falling apart or has been weather damaged. You’re going to need a new fence for your home or business premises. 

Here at View Auckland, we have compiled a list of the 5 best fencing contractors in Auckland to help you find your nearest fencing contractor. Whether you know exactly what you would like or you are looking for some guidance these top fencing contractors will help you!

Here is a selection of 5 of the best Fencing contractors located across Auckland, New Zealand: 

1. Quality Fencing Auckland

πŸ“ 17 Gerard Way, St Johns, Auckland 1072


☎  (480) 065-8001


πŸ•€ Monday – Saturday 7:00am – 10:00pm


βœ“ Wood Fencing

βœ“ Aluminium Fencing


βœ“ PVC

βœ“ Aluminium

βœ“ Wood Fences

Quality Fencing Auckland is the region’s leading specialist for Fencing and Fence repairs. The experts at Quality Fencing provide a range of high-quality fencing in wood and aluminum construction.

2. Auckland Fences

πŸ“ 61 Constellation Drive, Rosedale, Auckland 0630, New Zealand


☎  (480) 065-8001


πŸ•€ Monday – Friday 7:30am – 5:30pm

βœ“ Wooden Fences

βœ“ Gates And Fences

βœ“ Paling Fencing

βœ“ Picket Fences

βœ“ Trellis

βœ“ Plain Board

βœ“ Balustrade

βœ“ Shiplap

βœ“ Post & Rail Fences

βœ“ Gates

βœ“ Automated Gates

Auckland Fences is a fence building company that is based in Auckland, New Zealand. With over 6 years’ experience, Auckland Fences are a reliable fencing contractor in Auckland, New Zealand building quality fence panels, trellis fencing, gates, retaining walls, decks, landscaping and more throughout the Auckland region.

The company provides free measurements and quotes.

3. Fencing New Zealand

πŸ“ 10 Turin Place, Ōtara, Auckland 2013


☎  (492) 747-874


βœ“ Panel Fences

βœ“ Pipe & Mesh Fences

βœ“ Palisade Fencing

βœ“ Temporary Fencing

Fencing New Zealand is a locally owned manufacturer and installer of quality security fences and gates. 

Their fences are crafted by specialists using the highest quality materials resulting in a quality product that is value for money and is built to last.

The Fencing New Zealand team also accepts repair and maintenance requests. Customers have a variety of different style options like the spiked top panels, security panels, and pool panels for panel fences, razor wire or barbed wire equipped pipe and mesh fences, palisade fences, and temporary fences for construction works.

4. Auckland Gates

πŸ“ 15 Gabador Place, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1060


☎  (495) 731-512



βœ“ Tongue & Groove Gates & Fences

βœ“ Louvre Gates & Fences

βœ“ Slat Gates & Fences

βœ“ Security Gates & Fences

βœ“ Wooden Gates & Fences


βœ“ Chain Link Wire

βœ“ Steel

βœ“ Aluminium

Auckland Gates are a reliable fencing contract based in Mount Wellington, Auckland. The fencing company offers a wide range of fences for both residential and commercial applications. 

They specialise in the design, manufacture, supply, and installation of various types of gates and fencing for residential properties.

Auckland Gates customized fences are all made from premium-grade aluminium that guarantees a rust-free, lightweight, durable, and zero-maintenance fence. All products and materials are covered by their five-year workmanship guarantee. 

5. FenceMate

πŸ“ 2/159 Stoddard Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland 1041


☎  (480) 088-8166


βœ“ Balustrades

βœ“ Classic Kiwi

βœ“ Pool Fencing

βœ“ Colonial

βœ“ Heritage Corrugated

βœ“ Heritage Slats

βœ“ Heritage Trellis

βœ“ Heritage Panel

FenceMate are based in Auckland and they provide fencing solutions that can beat the resilience of timbers. They have built up an excellent reputation in their local area by offering the most comprehensive and expert service

They guarantee a durable and long-lasting fence which comes with a 10-year service warranty. FenceMate has the heritage panel, heritage slat, heritage trellis, heritage corrugated, classic Kiwi, and colonial fence as its product range.