The 5 Best Cake Decorating Classes in Auckland

We have a selection of the best cake decorating classes in Auckland, for you to choose from to suit your specific requirements and baking level.

Whether you’re a beginner, a home cake maker or a pastry chef there’s a course to suit you, from covering a cake with icing to creating chocolates like the professionals. Each class is taught by talented cake experts representing a wealth of knowledge and experience, giving you the skills and confidence to take your interest to the next level.

Here are 5 of our favourite cake decorating classes in Auckland. 

1. Milly’s Cookschool

📍 20 Heather Street, Parnell


☎  09-283-0225


✓ Specialty Classes – From NZD $85

✓ Wilton Cake Classes – From NZD $230

Milly’s Kitchen provides a range of baking and cooking classes. Which covers lessons on everything from the basics to more advanced techniques such as working with fondant, gum paste, buttercream, and more. Recipes are divided into cakes and cupcakes, cookies, fillings, frostings and glazes, fondant/gumpaste. 

2. Chelsea Bay

📍 Chelsea Sugar Factory, 100 Colonial Road, Birkenhead, Auckland


☎  09-283-0225


✓ Red Velvet Mini Cakes Class – From NZD $65.00
✓ Pavlova Roulade Class – From NZD $65.00
✓ Victoria Sponge Class – From NZD $75.00
✓ Chocolate Mousse Gateau Class – From NZD $80.00
✓ Rainbow Cake – From NZD $65.00
✓ Mini Fruit Tarts – From NZD $65.00
✓ Black Forest Gateau – From NZD $80.00
✓ Beginner Baking 101 Class – From NZD $65.00
✓ Cake Decorating – Beginner – From NZD $65.00

Chelsea and Edmonds have come together to bring you the Edmonds Baking School. Where adults, teens and kids can learn how to make a range of delicious sweet treats from a classic victoria sponge to a rich and gooey brownie.

You’ll also learn everything from brush techniques to use as well as how to achieve the perfect corner on a square cake.

3. Coast Cakes

📍 625d Whangaparaoa Road, Stanmore Bay, Auckland 0932, New Zealand


☎  +64 9-424 0403


✓ Cake Decorating Beginners

✓ Cake Decorating Advanced

Founded by Danielle, a Cake Dutchess Certified Instructor. Coast cakes provide decorating classes for beginners to advanced. Where you will not only learn how to make cakes that taste great but also look great.

4. Cake Makers

📍 219B Glengarry Road, Auckland, 0602


☎  09 818 0621


✓ Cake Decorating For Beginners
✓ Cake Decorating For Intermediates
✓ Cake decorating – Christmas Theme
✓ Workshop – One Day Animal Toppers
✓ Workshop – One Day (plus 2 hours extra) The Sugar Rose
✓ Workshop – 4 hours – The Hibiscus flower
✓ Workshop – One Day The Cattleya Orchard
✓ One on One tuition

Cake Makers provide a range of cake decorating classes in Auckland. Learn basic techniques for birthday and novelty cakes. The beginners course covers piping, flower making, figure modelling, moulding, cake carving, crumb coating, fondant application and more. The immediate course covers piping, applique techniques, people figure modelling, stencilling, water colouring and more.

They also provide one-day workshops that cover a variety of wonderful creations from holiday-themed decorations such as a decorative giraffe, elephant, and a monkey cake topper. To a hibiscus flower, bud and leaf, perfect for an anniversary or birthday cake.

One to one tuition is also available, which costs $65 per hour. 

5. Sugar And Spice Cakes

📍 Sugar and Spice Cakes Studio, Unit 46, 18 Lambie Drive, Manukau Business Park, Auckland 2104


☎  +64 21 1140011


✓ Cake Apprenticeship 4 days (Mini course) $500

✓ Cake Apprenticeship 8 days (Mini course) $800

✓ Workshops – $150

Founded by Mel Hurst, a Cake Artist who offers a variety of courses from apprenticeship courses where you’ll learn to bake, make fillings, decorate and stack cakes and learn some technical aspects of creating cake decor and working with fondant and gumpaste. To workshops that show different techniques, tips and tricks for creating beautiful cakes, everything is provided and you get to take home a beautifully decorated cake.

Final Words

Baking doesn’t always have to be a frustrating task. Whether you’re an amateur baker looking to learn new skills, or more experienced and wanting to advance your baking abilities, you are sure to find the perfect cake decorating class to suit you.

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