Best BYO Restaurants in Auckland

Bring Your Own and Stay for Seconds

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Bringing your own is the easy part. Finding out where to go next can be a bit more difficult.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. We love the Kiwi BYO tradition as much as anyone else—and know who’s who when it comes to the actual dining experience. Simply put, not all BYO establishments are created equal, and we’d like to save you some time and hassle by weeding out the bad ones. In this guide, we’ll go over ten of the best BYO in Auckland so you can make the most of your next night out.

Specifically, we’ll cover establishments that offer:

  • Good food—From Japanese to Indian, Auckland’s BYO scene has it all!
  • A lively atmosphere—Experience both upscale, and intimate, rowdy fun.
  • Cheap corkage—BYO rates in Auckland start at just $1!

Combined together, these ingredients make the perfect BYO experience in Auckland! Keep reading to find out the best spot for you.

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10 Best BYO in Auckland

Let’s cut to the chase. Where should you go for quality BYO in Auckland? We recommend:

1. Po Brothers

When it comes to a cheap night out on the BYO scene, nothing beats Po Brothers. With low-priced meals from all across Asia, the restaurant offers patrons full-course meal options and even dessert. Enjoy your bottle at a lively, yet not rowdy, scene until the restaurant closes at 10PM, while partaking in some of the best Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean food around! Po Brothers is one of the top Auckland BYO restaurants.

You can visit Po Brothers at 185 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, 1011 or call to find out more +64 9-376-8235.

2. Sri Penang

When we heard corkage at Sri Penang was only $1, we were sold. If you need more convincing, however, there’s more to love. This low-priced Malaysian restaurant offers top-of-the-line food, including unbelievably-tasty laska and the best prawns in Auckland. Combine this with a friendly staff and down-home atmosphere, and Sri Penang quickly becomes one of the top Auckland BYO restaurants.

You can dine at Sri Penang at 356 Karangahape Rd, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010 New Zealand or call ahead at +64 9-358 3886.

3. Oh Calcutta

Located in Parnell, Oh Calcutta offers some of the best Indian-style BYO food anywhere in Auckland (and that’s saying something). Bring your own bottle and dig into the restaurant’s famous butter chicken. The restaurant specializes in tandoori food, and provides curry so good you’ll want seconds.

Craving some classic Indian dishes? Dine in today at 149-155 Parnell Road, Auckland 1052 New Zealand. You can also make menu and hours inquiries at +64 9-377 9090.

4. Faro

One word: Korean BBQ. Okay, that’s two words, but the point remains. Faro is Auckland’s hottest spot for authentic, cook-it-yourself Korean BBQ—making it one of the top locations for some BYO fun. Grill your meat to your own liking and enjoy cheap corkage rates to boot. Does it really get better than that?

Dine at Faro 5 Lorne Street, Auckland CBD at or call ahead and inquire at 09 379 4040.

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5. Pane & Vino

You don’t get more authentic than Pane & Vino, the Auckland-based Italian joint that placed fourth in the world pizza competition. Those serious creds demand higher corkage rates (at $9 per person, Pane & Vino is one of the more expensive restaurants on this list), but the good food and the best BYO Auckland atmosphere you can get is worth the price. Keep in mind that corkage includes wine only.

The best part? Located in Ponsonby, there’s a ton to do nearby when you’re done eating! Visit at 20 Williamson Avenue, Ponsonby or call to find out more at +64 9-360 0263

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6. Nishiki

Corkage at Nishiki is relatively cheap—just $7 for wine—considering the charm of the place. Japanese artwork covers the walls, and tasteful bamboo screens are artfully placed around the restaurant. The décor perfectly sets the mood for an intimate, authentic Japanese dining experience with alcohol of your choosing.

Ready to dine? Visit at 100 Wellington Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011, New Zealand or call at +64 9 376 7104.

7. Pok Pok

The food at Pok Pok is one of the best BYO restaurants Auckland CBD, and is alone is worth a visit. With corkage fees as low as $3 a person, there’s really no excuse not to head over to Auckland’s best Thai fusion restaurant. Particularly lively during the weekends, Pok Pok offers everything from southern-style Thai fried chicken to fresh salads that compliment any BYO experience. Pok Pok is a top rated Auckland BYO CBD.

Visit Pok Pok at 261 Karangahape Rd, Auckland CBD or call for menu and pricing inquiry at +64 9-963 9987.

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8. New Flavour

How does beer and dumplings sound? New Flavour offers some of the best Chinese food in the area, from stir-fried beef to delectable noodles that are worth a second order. New Flavour also sports large tables for bigger parties and offers a good late-night BYO Auckland scene for those looking for a bit of fun.

Experience the restaurant’s famed new flavors at 537 Dominion Road, Mt Eden, 1041 New Zealand or call at 09 638 6880.

9. Tasca

Looking to spend your BYO evening in class? There’s nowhere quite as scenic as Tasca, which offers patrons the opportunity to sip on refreshing wine in a beautiful outdoor courtyard. Delicious Mediterranean meals such as grilled haloumi and pan-fired chorizo are also offered, with more mainstream meals such as pizza on the menu, as well.

You can enjoy your own meal at Tasca by visiting 338 Dominion Road, Mount Eden, 1024 New Zealand or call to find out full menu options at +64 9-630 6345.

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10. Canton Café

If you’re looking for a fun time, you can’t go wrong with Canton Café. This BYO eatery is just as famous for its lively atmosphere as it is for its delectable Cantonese food. Mid-range priced meals and low corkage fees make this a perfect spot for those seeking a simple, yet fun, night on the town.

Getting hungry? Stop by Canton Café today at 447 New North Road, Auckland, New Zealand 1021.

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The Wrap Up

BYO has never tasted better. With a lively, diverse scene, Auckland is the place to go for a perfect night out. This guide covers the ten best BYO in Auckland, covering a range of culinary options, so that you can plan your next date night or simply enjoy a night on the town. Make sure to check them out for yourself!

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