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Women’s Borealis
Women’s Borealis
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Base Camp Duffel - S
Base Camp Duffel - S
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What are the best backpacks in NZ? This is a question that we hear a lot, so we decided to do some research to find out.

We looked at over 30 different backpack models and narrowed it down to the top 5. We then put these packs through a series of tests to see how they performed. The tests were conducted by experienced backpackers and included things like comfort, weight, capacity, durability, and more.

After all of the testing was complete, we came up with the following list of the best backpacks in NZ.

A backpack is one of the best investments if you are always on the go or lead an active lifestyle. That is because the best backpack NZ can enable you to go hiking, climbing, travelling, and more. You can store all your equipment, and it will carry it for you. 

So, if you are looking for the best backpack in New Zealand, you have come to the right place. Here is your complete guide. 

What To Consider When Buying a Backpack for New Zealand

Here are the most important factors you must consider when purchasing the best backpack in New Zealand:

1. Price 

Backpacks are incredibly durable items, so they can have a high price tag. That is why you must set a proper budget if you want to invest in a high-quality backpack. Once you do, it will allow you to make the most use of the backpack for years to come.

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2. Weight 

The weight of the backpack will determine how long you can carry it. For example, if you go hiking or climbing, then you can’t invest in a backpack that is too heavy. If you do, it will hinder your activity, and you may get tired easily.

3. Materials 

The material of the pack will also determine its weight and durability. There are endless backpack materials such as polyester, nylon, and many others. All of them are unique and offer a distinct functionality that you must take into account.

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4. Volume 

Finally, volume relates to how much you can fit in your bag. If you are going to be hiking for a long period, then a 40-litre pack will suffice. However, everyone has different packing needs, which is why it all depends on your situation. 

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Best Backpack In New Zealand Reviews 

Now that you are familiar with the top factors to consider, here are the top reviews of the best backpack NZ offers:

Women’s Borealis


Women’s Borealis


  • Material: 600D Recycled Polyester with Non-PFC DWR Finish
  • Volume: 27 litres 
  • Average Weight: 930 g
  • Activity: Lifestyle


The Women’s Borealis is a special edition pack, and Naomi Otsu creates the design. The primary goal of the backpack is to celebrate and help women that love exploring the outdoors. This beautiful yet functional pack includes a padded main compartment, tablet sleeve, laptop sleeve, water bottle pockets, bungee cord, and more. 

Besides that, the FlexVent suspension system will allow you to stay comfortable and organized no matter where you go. So, if you are looking for the best backpack NZ offers to women, you must not look further than this. It will offer you everything you need on a busy schedule. 


  • The FlexVent suspension system is incredibly comfortable 
  • It has an exclusive design 
  • Ideal for busy boss women


  • It is not ideal for intense activities such as camping, climbing, hiking, etc.






  • Material: 600D Recycled Polyester with non-PFC DWR Finish 
  • Volume: 26 litres
  • Average Weight: 770g
  • Activity: Lifestyle


Vault is a unisex pack that offers a minimalist look with expert technical suspension for you to benefit from. The bag can easily handle anything throughout the day and will give you maximum use. It includes a laptop sleeve, an internal organization system, external daisy chances, 360-degree reflectivity, and more. 

A version is available that is specific to women if you want something different with similar features. The best part about this pack is that it is all certified by the American Chiropractic Association. That is why you will get the most support out of this bag for a long time. 


  • The laptop sleeve is padded for protection against falls and bumps 
  • The front compartment has a simplified organization system
  • Incredibly comfortable for all-day use


  • It is an ideal lifestyle bag that will not support activities such as hiking and camping

Base Camp Duffel - S


Base Camp Duffel - S


  • Material: 1000D Phthalate-Free Recycled PVC with Non-PFC DWR Finish
  • Volume: 50 litres
  • Average Weight: 1195 g
  • Activity: Climbing


The Base Camp Duffel is the best pack NZ for everyone that loves to go climbing. That is because it can easily take the roughest treatment you have to give. The best part is that the size is compact, and the construction is tough, which is why it can easily survive all conditions. 

The shoulder straps are alpine-cut, adjustable, and detachable to offer you an ergonomic fit as you use them. Besides that, the two padded side handles serve as haul and duffel carry handles. Finally, the mesh-bag packaging ensures the cleanliness of the duffel.


  • It can take the roughest treatments 
  • The backpack is built to last a long time 
  • It is perfect for climbing activities


  • The size is small, but there are bigger versions available


Basin 18


Basin 18


  • Material: 210D Recycled Nylon Ripstop With Non-PFC DWR Finish 
  • Volume: 18 litres 
  • Average Weight: 600 g
  • Activity: Hiking


Are you looking for the perfect hiking backpack that can store all your items and still be lightweight? If you are, then the Basin 18 is the best backpack NZ. It has easy-access bottle compartments, hydration sleeves, breathable back panels, and more. 

All of the features are there to ensure you can complete the toughest climbs with confidence. So, if you are an avid hiker, be sure to check this backpack out.


  • The backpack is rugged yet light 
  • It is ideal for hiking 
  • It offers breathability and ventilation


  • It only comes in one colour

Explore Fusebox - S



  • Material: 900D 100% Polyester with TPE PVC Coating 
  • Volume: 14 litres
  • Average Weight: 720 g
  • Activity: Lifestyle


Finally, the Explore Fusebox is the best backpack NZ that can carry everything. It will allow you to move around the city without compromising your comfort. The colourful scheme is ideal for people looking for funky backpack to fulfil their needs. 

If you love travelling or exploring cities, this is the ideal backpack for you. The padded shoulder straps will ensure maximum comfort all day long.

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  • Colourful backpack 
  • Ideal for tourists and city exploring 
  • Material is stylish and durable


  • Expensive


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