Auckland’s Best Security System Providers


Do you have concerns about the safety of your home or workplace?

You’re not alone. Home and workplace security is a major concern for many people. Our list of the best security providers in Auckland includes companies that specialise in security system installation and can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

The company’s systems are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, so you won’t feel like you’re living in a fortress. As well, their teams are always available to assist you, so you always know you can get help when you need it.

It has never been easier to install advanced security at home. By downloading an app to your smartphone, notebook, or computer, you can view your CCTV home security cameras. Several installation providers are also experts in smart home technology. This means you may be able to control your home’s security, heating, lighting, and more from a single app or software.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the price of a home security system?

Your home security system will be tailored to your needs, including any combination of Security cameras, Electronic access controls, Alarms, Sensors and Intercom systems. The price will depend on the amount of each item you need..

Types Of Security Systems:

  • CCTV system –  Cameras, recorders, and monitors are the main components of CCTV systems. Depending on the size and complexity of the system, they could be as simple as a single camera, or as sophisticated as a network infrastructure that is supported by LAN, WAN, fibre-optic and Internet Service Provider links, sometimes linking hundreds of cameras to a single central management system. You can view CCTV system footage on Smart Devices, such as Smartphones and Tablets, as well as on workstations, such as PCs or Macs.
  • Access Control Systems – Access Control Systems are designed to increase security within organisations or multi-tenanted buildings by granting or restricting access to doors, lifts, gates, or barriers within a building or compound.
  • Intercom –  An intercom system is used to screen visitors before they enter a building or compound. There are many types of intercom systems available, such as audio only, audio/video, single/multiple entrance stations, and those that can handle even the largest apartments or complexes.

What is the cost of a smart alarm system?

The average starting price for mid-range CCTV cameras is $2000 for four. A basic access control system can cost between $200 and $400 per door, more for more advanced systems. Intercom systems begin at around $1200, including a keypad, alarm, and sensors.

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Smart alarms: are they any good?

Smart home security systems are just as effective as traditional burglar alarms, but they don’t always feature an external siren to warn would-be burglars off your property. In some models, you can choose to have the police notified in case of a false alarm, but these are not as comprehensive as traditional alarms that alert officials if the alarm has been triggered.

How do I pay for a home security system?

The majority of home security system providers require same-day payment with a debit or credit card, or by bank transfer.

Things to consider when buying a security system: 

Sensors: There are a variety of sensors available in smart alarms, so you’ll need to determine what combination of sensors your property requires.

Cameras: If you want to watch over your home while you’re away, it’s worth looking for a mix of indoor and outdoor cameras. As a result, you can see if someone is sneaking around in your garden or if your pets are misbehaving in your hallway, and they will act as additional motion sensors as well.

Keypads and fobs: Some smart home security systems feature keypads or fobs that enable you to arm and disarm the alarm more easily than through an app. You may find this useful if you have dog walkers, cleaners or others who may enter and exit your home when you’re not there.

Protecting your home or business is important, and there are a variety of security system providers in Auckland who can help you do just that. Here are five of the best

The Best Auckland Security System Providers:

1. PROTECH Home Security

📍 2 Bond St, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021

📞 09 376 5816



✓ Home & Commercial solutions 

✓ Alarm monitoring

✓ CCTV solutions

✓ Pet friendly systems

✓ Wireless options

✓ 5 year guarantee 

Pro-Tech Security is another top security system provider in Auckland. They offer a wide range of products and services, including CCTV systems, security alarms, and access control systems. Pro-Tech Security is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service, and their team of experienced professionals can help you choose the right security system for your needs.

Protech offers small business and home security solutions. Over the past 18 years, they have built up a customer base of over 5,000 satisfied customers. They are licensed by the Justice Department and comply with all insurance standards.

Quality products with professional installation are used, and an extended warranty of five years is offered. The company provides home solutions, commercial solutions, alarm monitoring, CCTV solutions, pet-friendly solutions, and more.

2. All Round Security

📍 Botany Downs, Auckland 2010, New Zealand

📞 0800 425576



✓ Home security CCTV cameras

✓ Wireless home security camera system

✓ Commercial CCTV security cameras

All Round Security has years of experience and provides friendly advice to customers. In the event that they cannot assist you, they can refer you to someone who can. This security system provider specialises in installing CCTV security camera systems for homes and businesses; they provide installation, service maintenance, and after-hours support to a wide range of clients 

Installations performed by their trained and security licensed team are neat, tidy, and unobtrusive. They treat your home or office with care.

3. Smart Surveillance Ltd

📍 3C Cleary Road, Panmure, Auckland 1060, New Zealand

📞 (0) 21 893 708



✓ Cameras 

✓ Recorders 

✓ Packages

The Smart Surveillance Ltd is a Kiwi owned and operated security company that helps customers protect the things that matter most in their lives – their homes and businesses. Having a CCTV security system installed makes households and businesses feel safer and more protected. CCTV systems allow customers to view their precincts remotely and, in the event of a crime, the footage can be used to gather evidence.

Smart Surveillance offers a variety of video surveillance products by Hikvision, the world’s largest supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. Their engineers provide installation services that are approved by the Ministry of Justice, as well as after-sales support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get in touch with them if you’d like them to design a security package to suit your needs.

4. IQ Security

📍 9B William Pickering Drive, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand

📞 +64 9 441 7100



✓ Access Control

✓ Security Alarms

✓ CCTV Cameras

IQ Security provides electronic security consulting, designing, implementing, and maintenance services in New Zealand. 

Their services range from small shops and cafes to commercial buildings and industrial security, working with businesses, schools, developers, national retail chains and corporate clients to meet their security needs by providing New Zealand’s best access control systems, CCTV security cameras, security alarms, magnetic lockers, and monitoring solutions. IQ Security is committed to providing the highest level of customer service, and their team of experienced professionals can help you.

5. Kiwi Security

📍 206/8 Airedale St, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010

📞 0800 031 330



✓ Residential security

✓ Business security 

✓ CCTV services 

New Zealand-owned and operated Kiwi Security is a leading security company in Auckland. They provide alarm installation and monitoring, CCTV installation and monitoring, access control and static guard services for commercial and residential properties. As a result of their quality and dedication to customers, they have been granted commercial recognition.