Auckland Adventure Park

Enjoy adrenaline pumping adventure rides at Auckland adventure park!


The Auckland Adventure Park is a fun, family-friendly entertainment park with something for everyone. The park offers a unique experience and is the only one of its kind in New Zealand. A range of exciting adventure rides, a kids play area, and a choice of adrenaline pumping rides are available.

Whether you are with family, with friends, or in search of thrills, the park will provide you with a unique experience providing great fun for everyone (of any age)!

Visit and explore Auckland Adventure Park today! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Auckland Adventure Park – Unlimited Ride Passes

A day of fun and excitement awaits all the family at Auckland Adventure Park!


✅ Boost your adrenaline with vertical bungee, maximum 4G

✅ With the zip line, soar over the luge track and through the trees like a bird

✅ Enjoy the steep drops and speed bumps of the 600 meter luge track!

✅ Enjoy this moving and thrilling 4D cinema experience

✅ The cosmic play zone will keep the kids entertained all day long!

Purchase tickets now to avoid disappointment!

Dual Zipline: 

You can experience the thrill and excitement of ziplining with a friend on the dual zipline. Fly through the trees and over the luge track on a 260 meter long zipline, exposing your heart with a solid hit of adrenaline while soaring high above the adventure park!

Vertical Bungee:

A must-do for adrenaline junkies! Be sure to hold on to your hat!

A unique twist on bungee – you’re taken up and not down on the vertical star bungee.  

You’ll be shot into the air at the maximum 4G speed, flying high over the adventure park. This is not for the fainthearted. Will you take the plunge?!

Down Hill Lunge:

This is the only down hill lunge in the Auckland region!

There are twists and turns along the 600-meter track, as well as speed bumps and steep drops. Taking the track at your own pace is possible, or you can rev up the speed and race against a friend. An adrenaline-pumping activity that gets your heart racing!

4D Cinema:

An experience like no other!

The 4D cinema has a built-in simulator, as well as a variety of special effects, which makes it an exciting, fun, and truly unique viewing experience.

Cosmic Play Zone:

This fun and safe environment is perfect for kids 0-12 years of age.

Children will have endless fun playing in this Cosmic play zone at Auckland adventure park which includes a pirate ship, rocket ride, carousel pit, and obstacle course!

There is also a cute and delicious cafe at the park, where you can enjoy a snack while watching the action.

A hassle-free party booking service…

Auckland Adventure Park is the perfect place to host your child’s next birthday party.

This will be a party you and your friends will never forget, with a sprinkle of magic!


  • Carousel Room

Located in the heart of the Kids Play Zone, the Carousel Room is perfect for children. 

Bright and colorful, perfect for our younger guests.

Included in the booking are the party room, setup and clean up, a 4L water jug, napkins, plates, and cups

There can be a maximum of 15 kids.

  • Rocket Room

There is no better place to stay than this room right in the middle of the Kids Play Zone.

Bright, colorful, ideal for children.

You will receive a 4L water jug, napkins, plates, cups, set up and clean up with your reservation.

Maximum number of kids: 15

  • Castle Room

This awesome 4D cinema is conveniently located next to the wonderful kids play area. It is decorated as a castle both inside and out, which makes it the perfect choice for princes and princesses.

The party room booking includes set up and clean up, a 3L water jug, napkins, plates, and cups.

15 children is the maximum number.

  • Lower Deck Cafe Area

The perfect location, half way down the ramp to the Kids Playzone and Luge Track.

It can be sectioned off for exclusive hire and can accommodate up to 30 people. 

You will receive a 4L water jug, napkins, plates, cups, as well as set-up and clean-up.

Number of people: 30

Visit their website for more details and to book:

Frequently Asked Questions

What rides are there at Auckland Adventure Park?

  • Kids playzone 
  • Dual zipline
  • Downhill luge
  • 4D cinema

Are there any restrictions at Auckland Adventure Park?

Yes, the following ride restrictions apply: 

  • Luge – Kids must be 1.1 metres tall and 6+
  • Bungy – Min weight 35kg – max weight 105kg and 1.3 metres in height
  • Zip Line – max weight 110kg and 1.3 metres in height
  • Cosmic Playzone – for ages 0-12 years. Kids under the age of 4 must be accompanied by an adult
  • 4D Cinema – recommended for for ages 4+, kids under the age of 4 must be accompanied by an adult

How much does Auckland Adventure Park cost?

  • Ultimate pass $65.00 (unlimited access to everything) 
  • Top zone pass $55 (luge, zipline, bungee)
  • Bottom zone pass $35.00 (kids play zone, 4D cinema, plus 4-7 years old tandem with any adult luge pass holder)
  • Bottom zone + luge $50.00 (recommended for competent luge riders 6+)
  • Kids play zone $25.00
  • Adult spectator $0.00 (spectator only – not valid for any rides)

What is the location of Auckland Adventure Park?

2104 East Coast Road, Stillwater 0993, New Zealand

Can you get food at Auckland Adventure Park?

Yes at Area 51 Eatery.

Enjoy Area 51’s menu as you sit on one of its promenade decks watching everything unfold. Breakfast and lunch are available. If you’d rather just relax with a cup of coffee, a sweet treat, a glass of wine or a beer…that’s okay too!

When is Area 51 open?

Open Saturday – Sunday 10am – 4pm

What are the opening hours at Auckland Adventure Park?

During term times:

Monday – Friday: CLOSED
Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 5pm Cosmic Playzone, 10am – 5pm Area 51 Cafe, All other rides open from 11 and operate on a timetable

School holidays:

*Be aware that school holidays can be a busy time.

Monday and Tuesday: CLOSED
All rides open Wednesday to Sunday starting 15th April 2022
10am – 5pm Kids’ Playzone
10am – 4:30pm Area 51 Cafe
11am – 5pm Luge, Zipline, Bungy, 4D Cinema

Public holidays:

All rides are open
10am – 5pm Cosmic Playzone
10am – 4.30pm Area 51 Cafe
All other rides OPEN at 11 and may operate on a timetable

Closed days:

Closed 20th – 28th December
1st January