Affordable Family Accommodation Auckland

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We get it: you want the perfect place to stay when you’re in Auckland. Fortunately, there are several family-friendly hotels in this New Zealand megacity that can accommodate your budget. With New Zealand just coming out of the worst of the COVID 19 travel restrictions, now is the time to start booking again! In this guide, we’ll go over nine of the best affordable family hotels in Auckland so that you can find a good place to stay while you’re there.

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9 Best Family Hotels in Auckland

Where should you stay while you’re in Auckland, New Zealand? Check out our reviews of the following locations:

1. Nesuto Stadium Hotel and Apartments

One of the best family hotels in Auckland, Nesuto Stadium Hotel is located near the Auckland Central Business District (CBD) and offers the perfect studio, hotel, or apartment room for your family while abroad. Every room comes with its own kitchen facilities, central heat and air, and washing machines and dryers so that you can stay on top of your game while you’re in Auckland.

The best part? This affordable family hotel is located in the heart of the city, meaning it’s just minutes away from the Auckland waterfront, Commercial Bay, all major transportation, Spark Arena, and more! Enjoy the convenience and beauty of the hotel and its view of the Auckland cityscape for rates you won’t get anywhere else.

2. Crowne Plaza Auckland

Nearby in downtown Auckland is the Crowne Plaza, the city’s leading business hotel for three years running. Though the location is most popular for business travellers, it’s a fantastic destination for families, as well. The Crowne Plaza Auckland is close to everything in the city, so you’ll be able to accomplish your entire itinerary only a few steps from the door!

Other accommodations such as free WiFi are available, with rooms coming in in four types: Superior, Deluxe, Executive Clubs, and Suites. The famed Aria restaurant and bar makes the place even sweeter. Taking your family along for work? You’ll love the conference rooms and company areas provided at the Crowne Plaza, one of the top family hotels in Auckland.

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3. Grand Millennium Auckland

Nestled in the city centre, Grand Millennium is close to the commercial hotspots of Auckland, as well as the city’s famed waterfronts. This top family hotel offers more than just a good location, however. A range of amenities make this hotel the place to stay, including valet parking, air conditioning, and electric vehicle charging stations for the environmentally friendly.

Close to Queen Street, the Grand Millennium puts you in walking distance of pretty much everything. Enjoy a range of different packages in one of the best Auckland neighborhoods. From check in to check out, guests will enjoy premium service by an unmatched staff, helping make your next Auckland stay the best one yet.

Change of plans? Free cancellation can be made up to a few days in advance of your arrival!

4. Kiwi International Hotel

Situated at the heart of bustling Queen Street, Auckland, Kiwi International Hotel is one of the most kid friendly family hotels around. The hotel prioritizes value and comfort, helping give your family the relaxing stay you deserve while abroad. Enjoy the numerous activities in Auckland Central from this convenient location.

A room at this hotel is guaranteed to be clean, comfortable, and large enough to fit your needs. Whether you’re coming with a family or five or simply with your partner and small child, this hotel offers the family accommodations you need. Enjoy the free WiFi and great service offered by the friendly and helpful staff while you stay at this famed international hotel.

5. Barclay Suites Auckland

This hotel’s central location at 74 Albert Street Auckland is just the beginning of its perks. If you’re looking for stellar yet affordable accommodation in Auckland Central, consider putting Barclay Suites Auckland toward the top of your list. The hotel boasts a comprehensive fitness centre, as well as self-contained accommodations that will make your stay convenient and relaxing.

While you’re at the hotel, you’ll be able to enjoy a range of dining options, as well. With a great night view of the Auckland cityscape, as well as the best amenities for the whole family, this top-rated hotel is a must during your next vacation.

6. Heritage Auckland

Located at 35 Hobson Street Auckland, Heritage Auckland offers affordable luxury suites for your family. Designed to be your “home away from home,” this classic option provides your family with all the proper amenities in some of the best rooms anywhere in the city.

What’s more, because the hotel is a stone’s throw from all the activity, you’ll never miss out on anything that goes on in Auckland! Take advantage of the affordable family packages to get a room you and your whole family will love. See why this hotel has been a part of the “heritage” of Auckland for generations next time you’re in town!

7. Waldorf St Martins Apartments Hotel

Maximize your savings at Waldorf St Martins Apartments Hotel! This conveniently located hotel and apartment complex offers all the amenities you could want (and more!) during your stay. Stay in shape at the fitness centre and enjoy the incredible dining and recreation options at the complex. Located just outside the heart of Auckland, Waldorf gives you the chance to relax in peace—and style—in between different legs of your exciting Auckland itinerary. Enjoy the view and all there is to do at Waldorf while in Auckland!

8. SkyCity Hotel

Situated near the city’s legendary Sky Tower, SkyCity Hotel gives you a chance to enjoy the best view in Auckland. Take advantage of the hotel’s numerous amenities while enjoying the low rates of its great family packages. Facilities offered include kitchens and a fitness centre that will help you stay in shape and save money during your trip.

Just a short walk from the Auckland central business district, this hotel is one of the top-rated family hotels in Auckland. Check in to enjoy a quality stay as soon as you get through the Auckland Airport. With the whole of Auckland at your fingertips in just 10 minutes, you’ll love the convenience of this one-of-a-kind hotel near Sky Tower!

9. Cordis Auckland

Looking for a relaxing stay just a stone’s throw from the city center? Consider booking at Cordis Auckland. Located in uptown Auckland, this family hotel accommodates families of five, offering family-oriented packages that take care of your breakfast and other accommodations.

The hotel also comes with a spa and pool, making it a top location to unwind while you’re in Auckland! If you need to cancel, make sure to do so within 24 hours of your arrival, as you can benefit from free cancellation during this time period.

The Bottom Line

Auckland is one of the best places for families to travel. With the reviews in this guide, you can make your Auckland vacation even better by staying at one of the best family hotels in Auckland.

Pro tip: many of the options here provide free cancellation, so be sure to ask upon booking. Enjoy great accommodation and next-level service at any one of the fine options on this list!